what to ask a wedding photographer


12+ Questions They Don’t Want You to Know

As a San Diego Wedding Photographer with 7+ years in the industry, I can honestly say that knowing what to ask a wedding photographer is one of the most important things you need to know before you book ANY meetings with a photographer. Don’t just let them sell you and tell you how great they are. Don’t be blinded by their amazing work, that’s just a piece of the puzzle to having an awesome wedding day.

Listen to our Podcast about what to ask the wedding photographer when you meet with them. CLICK play on the track above and you’ll hear us go through a bunch of awesome questions that you could use. We’ll start off with some of the most important questions and throw in some bonus towards the end.

I PROMISE YOU! if you take the time to write down some of these questions it can literally save you thousands of dollars and can prevent you from a living nightmare on your wedding day.

I may be a small San Diego wedding photographer but these questions will ALSO work with big-time and famous wedding photographers. At the end of the day we’re all people, right?

Get your pen and paper out and be ready to write down a few of your favorite questions. I hope this helps… And congrats on your upcoming wedding 😁


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